Drive-Thru & Dumpster Pad Cleaning – McDonald’s

Jun 28, 2023

elsewhere brewing commercial pressure washing job

Customer: AJR Inc.

Location: McDonald’s West Midtown, Atlanta

Project: Monthly Drive-Thru and Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Terra Pro-Wash partners with AJR Inc. to provide recurring cleanings of their McDonald’s Properties in the Metro Atlanta area. This particular pressure washing was completed on short notice to support a restaurant inspection – which passed with flying colors. Our team cleaned the concrete pad on the entire property, including the drive-thru lanes, dumpster pads and some of the parking area. We also washed the employee walkways, entryways, below the drive-thru windows, and the drive-thru canopies. We are currently working with the owners to provide cleaning for additional locations. 

Project Type: Commercial